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    Morel mushrooms are widely appreciated by gourmets. They are among the most treasured of all the wild harvest mushrooms because of their superb taste and elusiveness. The fresh morel season typically runs from March through July. Weight: 4 oz. Pieces: Whole Package: Polyethylene bag Vitamins and Minerals Macronutrients Promotes liver health NORTH AMERICAN...

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  • $7.28

    A flash fire would be the best term to describe the heat of chili pequin. This tasty chili is the ancestor of most chili varieties out there, from jalapenos to sweet bell peppers. Weight: 2 oz. Pieces: Whole Pods Package: Plastic bag Scoville Units: 75,000 - 100,000 (hot)

  • $29.85

    Porcini (Boletus Edulis) mushrooms are definitely the most desirable of the Boletes mushrooms for cooking and eating. Porcini is one of the finest mushrooms around and exceptionally delicious, strongly flavored with subtle undertones Weight: 4 oz. Pieces: Sliced (big size pieces) Color: Light brown tones. Package: Polyethylene bag

  • $11.80

    Black Trumpet mushroom elegantly known as Horn of Plenty is considered a great delicacy. They are wonderfully fragrant and have a potent woodsy flavor. Weight: 2 oz. Pieces: Whole Package: Plastic bag Excellent flavor and texture Top quality dried mushrooms Highly aromatic Intense Flavor

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"Good specimens. Rehydrated nicely. Tasted good. Not as good as fresh, But if you can't find fresh, This works well."

chuff425, May 31, 2013

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