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    Porcini (Boletus Edulis) mushrooms are definitely the most desirable of the Boletes mushrooms for cooking and eating. Porcini is one of the finest mushrooms around and exceptionally delicious, strongly flavored with subtle undertones Weight: 2 oz. Pieces: Sliced (medium size pieces) Color: Light brown with dark brown tones. Package: Polyethylene bag

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    At first glance, annatto seeds resemble fishbowl gravel. The color of terra cotta and the shape of small stones, this spice looks rather inedible. Annatto seeds are often ground for cooking or processed to use as a "culinary dye." Weight: 3.35 oz.(95 grams) Pieces: Ground Package: Plastic Jar

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    Oregano, also called Origanum. Culinary oregano is a signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes. It is peppery with a bite and often a lemony note.

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    Granulated onion is a course grind of dehydrated onion. It is often seen in salad dressings, soups and broths, BBQ sauces, and dips. A free flowing coarse powder processed from a superior strain of white onion. This product resembles cornmeal or

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"Well packaged and boxed with fast shipping! The pine nuts are very good and your metallic taste *smile* Thanks!"

Chere, August 10, 2012

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